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During the Galactic Civil War, the Mon Calamari eventually joined the Rebel Alliance after the Empire used a Star Destroyer to destroy three floating cities on their watery world. They proved an invaluable asset, primarily due to the Mon Calamari being masters of starship construction and supplying the Alliance with badly needed capital ships, Mon Calamari Cruisers, that could take on the Galactic Empire's ships of the line. Prior to joining the Alliance, the Mon Calamari had only built passenger liners because of their peaceful ethos. Also renowned for their performance art, lithe Mon Calamari water dancers often perform in some of the galaxy's most prestigious venues, including Coruscant Galaxies Opera House, where the ballet "Squid Lake" ran for some time during the waning days of the Republic and was known to be a personal favorite of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The most famous Mon Calamari is Admiral Ackbar, the supreme admiral of the Rebel Alliance's naval forces. Another Rebellion-sympathetic male Mon Calamari named Quarrie, the spacecraft engineer character named for Star Wars visual artist Ralph McQuarrie, was the designer of the B-wing starfighter prototype named the Blade Wing, as seen in the Star Wars Rebels second-season episode Wings of the Master.


Kaminoans were a sentient species native to Kamino , an aquatic planet located beyond the Rishi Maze . Kaminoan scientists specialized in cloning technology and, at the behest of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas , created the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic . The Sith also worked with the Kaminoans, such as by providing a bio-chip for all clones that would eventually trigger Order 66 , the command that saw the clone troopers turn against the Jedi and bring about the destruction of the Jedi Order .

Kaminoans were a tall, thin species with pale skin from the isolated watery planet of Kamino . The Kaminoans lived in large stilted cities that rose above the ocean surface, such as Tipoca City . Many important or high ranked Kaminoans wore a large, pale collar around their necks. The Kaminoans are best known for their abilities as cloners . They were the creators of the Grand Army of the Republic that fought against the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars - a galaxy-wide conflict named after the clone troopers the Kaminoans made for the Galactic Republic .

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