A Popular New Fragrance for the 2016 Holidays

A Popular New Fragrance for the 2016 Holidays


Cali Blue

Cali Blue has a citrus medley of natural lemon, orange, mandarin and bergamot in the top-note, a floral bouquet of lily, lavender, rose and a whisper of night blooming jasmine in the middle, and an ambery, vanilla, musky sage-like base-note. The combination is a clean, beachy fragrance, reminiscent of spending vacations at the shore…

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Refreshing New Holiday Fragrance from aromaearth

Still Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift This Year?

Cali Blue has quickly jumped to the front of my perfume line… yes I wear multiple perfumes and sometimes I even mix them! I got the roll-on stick of Cali Blue for myself and after months of smelling the sweet, citric aroma I decided to purchase the full size of Cali Blue for my mother for Christmas! If you haven’t finished your Holiday Shopping List or even Idea List then pen this one down; Cali Blue by Aromaearth.

This new holiday friendly perfume makes the perfect gift for a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Girlfriend and dare I say it… Men. Yes! My man actually really enjoys this scent for MEN!

Not Kidding. I don’t think this scent is masculine by ANY means but it just smells so universally good that it does pair well on him. So I guess you consider this the Knock-Out Fragrance for 2016! It smells that good!

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  1. I’ve had this perfume in my bathroom for months and it seem like the large bottle lasts forever. You only need about two spritz and your good to go, you smell the fragrance all day long. I even put it to the test when I went to the beach last week, put a spritz on, went to the beach for about four hours, came home and my hubby still smelled the sweet scent on me! 🙂

    They make great holiday gifts!